Liner notes about anelyse

John Deere

These recipes are inspired by the beauty of plant-based ingredients, fellow eaters, and the songs I occasionally sing while cooking. I like having my dubious outlook on our species capsized by friends, family and utter strangers who continuously surprise me with the generosity of the human spirit.

I’m interested in bridging initiatives to improve the ecological sustainability of our food system with farm worker justice movements. These days, much of my time is spent being a sociology Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto under the supervision of  Dr. Josée Johnston. Since moving to Toronto, I’ve also been excited to work on a project with Sustain Ontario that focuses on identifying ways that the food movement can collaborate with other organizations to improve equity and livelihoods for farm workers in Ontario. 


3 thoughts on “Liner notes about anelyse

  1. Hi Anelyse,

    I really like what you say here in the liner notes about Anelyse, especially about your singing and having your dubious outlook on our species capsized by others. I made me smile!

    • Hi Ken,
      Thanks so much for the invitation! Although I haven’t updated my blog to indicate as much, I am actually now living in Toronto. I hope the HappyCow meet up goes well, and I’m sure it will be delicious.

      Kind regards,

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